November 14, 2011

Modern Floating House with Nice Interior by Robert Harvey

Today we bring home a curious example of floating house. Designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz sits on the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. Designed for a couple was commissioned to create a floating home but that would preserve the privacy of its inhabitants, somewhat complicated given that it is sandwiched between two other boats each with a floating mooring. The promoters had dreamed of living in the water, sloping ceiling and wanted a house to be used on weekends and holidays, so that the dimensions of the mooring of 20 square meters, there was a big impediment. One of the problems he encountered the architect was the prohibition of building the house floating on the water and held in the margin of the river and was later towed to the dock. Despite its small size, has guest room, lounge, kitchen with cellar and a master bedroom. Look inside cabinets and furniture made of cedar Brazil, reinforcing the organic design of the house. via

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