November 30, 2011

Unusual Bathroom Furniture by Alexandra Colletion

Unusual bathroom furniture is a collection of Alexandra. If you are someone who loves to travel so that the furniture is perfect for you. Unusual bathroom furniture has a sophisticated cosmopolitan style. Lots of storage spaces, cabinets, consoles, and the pride that holds all your toiletries. There are many colors available for each room you have. In addition you can also select the detail that sticks to your taste like a mirror, faucet and toilet porcelain contemporary marble. So what are you waiting soon have this unusual bathroom furniture.

Simple Collection Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

Simple collection decoration ideas here is increased to show that we celebrate Thanksgiving and to a difference in your space. Made with bright colors to your mood improve. The main ingredient is most commonly used is the pumpkin, the pumpkin, because besides the results of the original American fruit has a bright color and easy to configure. Cape is also an interesting alternative for the production of jewelry to your dinner table. Simple collection decoration ideas is not easy, but the results of this decoration will guarantee more of the day prepared. It is a simple collection decoratiion ideas for Thanksgiving.

Charming Thanksgiving Decoration in Natural Color

Charming thanksgiving decoration you can make an inspiration to celebrate the holiday season and give thanks for autumn harvest. This decor uses a good idea of the colors in the autumn that inspires such as: chocolate, orange, and a little gold. Charming thanksgiving decoration looks very cool and will make us as if they were celebrating outside. With a colorful tablecloth and napkins for entertaining guests. The equipment is also very supportive bright decor is so much interesting and very enjoyable. With the charming thanksgiving decoration you can make fun and relaxation for your small family.


Beautiful Thanksgiving Decoration with Ancient Rome

A beautiful thanksgiving decoration with a wreath of dried flowers and fruit are very old re-decorate your home Modern. The tradition that is repeated in Ancient Rome Porta different shades for your home. With this beautiful thanksgiving decoration of your house as Sarah Elegant and Unique. All vegetables and fruits are made per this ornament you choose, kommen pears, grapes, pumpkins, peppers. In addition you can also use dried flowers and ribbons. For a lamp Tarif ein suspension with a Bouquet of Flowers can also be a new Tarif ideas. It is also possible to make it smaller and simpler so that not too many places to eat and pro material. But it will not affect the beauty of this ornament. Really beautiful thanksgiving decoration for your home.

November 14, 2011

Modern Floating House with Nice Interior by Robert Harvey

Today we bring home a curious example of floating house. Designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz sits on the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. Designed for a couple was commissioned to create a floating home but that would preserve the privacy of its inhabitants, somewhat complicated given that it is sandwiched between two other boats each with a floating mooring. The promoters had dreamed of living in the water, sloping ceiling and wanted a house to be used on weekends and holidays, so that the dimensions of the mooring of 20 square meters, there was a big impediment. One of the problems he encountered the architect was the prohibition of building the house floating on the water and held in the margin of the river and was later towed to the dock. Despite its small size, has guest room, lounge, kitchen with cellar and a master bedroom. Look inside cabinets and furniture made of cedar Brazil, reinforcing the organic design of the house. via

Nice Big Scandinavian Interior Decoration

Nice scandinavian-style interior design is slightly different from the others. With the concept of large and majestic, this interior decoration will attract the attention of visitors. Their features are a better group of treasure. Nevertheless you can buy something at a flea market can be used as a complement to your interior luxury. If you're set up to collect these Darta collection, a cypress initerior design is perfect for you. Thrifted Treasure in combination with bright lighting and the industry that makes every room in your house becomes more lively and interesting. via

Modern Art-Deco Loft with Beautiful Design

An attic in Paris this very cool art-deco style combined with objects of art is beautiful. Designed by renowned designers and artists, this loft has its own characteristics. Interior shown is very different on every corner. With bright colors, crazy sculptures and combinations as well as the hours and the room fantastic. Surrealistic space, it looks like it was taken from the images of Salvador Dali. This is an eclectic mix of various styles and textures that make a lot of orchids in pots and crazy pink hippo who was sleeping on the floor. It was a strange sight attic but still alluring fatherly visits. via