August 03, 2011

Ordinary Richmond House by Michael Morris

This house was built for the challenge. Michael Morris responded to this challenge by adopting environmental best practice and celebrate the location of the internal tension of the eclectic city. In the front is a facade to provide protected entry and that the views of the picturesque Victorian house. House in a simple but elegant, which is reinforced by the structure of the slabs of concrete, rusted Corten steel, wood, rubber straps do lolgam alucobond perforated metal mesh. Pallets of fine material was deliberately chosen outside and depend on the stratification and transparency to create beauty in the house. Also out are also other internal parts that can add a touch of luxury, but it always seems simple. Spacious veranda, kitchen and generous living space harmonic, outdoor and large patio more comfortable at home to reinforce this impression. The architect created a home with an indoor pool and private, quiet and visually appealing. via

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