August 22, 2011

Fabulous Penthouse Interior by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces

Mark Tracy designed a project using the best materials and try to create a pleasant interior, colorful, modern and luxurious penthouse of a downtown Las Vegas. Glass mosaic floor width and then the walls and ceilings are made with blue color scheme with embedded images and limited by the glass cover plate. Gray color palette of light blue and green accents of 120 meters of RGB LED. The master bedroom shows off a high bed of 13 porcelain tiles from Italy is complete with a beautiful chandelier. Also had a curtain hanging chain with the signature Shepard Fairey, which separates the bedrooms and main bathroom. Main Part party is the crown of life with a kind of mirror ceiling mirrors, triangular, each separated by a glass ceiling beams. This room also features a beautiful custom carpets HZL HenzeL metallic white wood. via

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