August 25, 2011

Unique and Luxurious Dining Womb

A dining table with the design and concept is very interesting and unique. To eat the miracle of life to luxury and comfort to create your meal. Using simple materials, the air dining room is different. It is interesting attraction between inside and outside, between the viewer and the object of their gaze. Form the ins and outs of creating a large number of moiré, the limit of vision form a vertical display is vertical. The materials in the manufacture of high uses recycled and recycled. Hold the climate balance and a little tinkering with the luxury. Our blocks to maximize the quality and strength of a portion of the linear pattern. Truly a unique and interesting. via

August 24, 2011

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Design by Bianchi

Modern luxury kitchen is a dream to do. The concept of an outdoor kitchen with superior style was born. Cooking Q is a modern kitchen with a new solution specifically designed for outdoor use. The concept introduced by the designer, the simplicity with features that can make a unique composition. The kitchens are made ​​of materials that can withstand all weather conditions such as stainless steel are produced. There are a number of basic units available, large closets, medium or small, with wardrobes and drawers with open shelves. A few steps from the grill is also available here. It is washed with a person in different sizes, making it easy all the ingredients and utensils to add. This kitchen is ideal for those who love the taste of a unique aesthetic. via

Incredible Bedroom Design in Swedish Style

The room was the most comfortable place to live. We will present some of the rooms design interesting and surprising. It is the purpose that you can find inspiration from some of the concepts we present the bedroom. They are unique, but there are some things you can grow. First, all rooms have large windows covered by curtains below the usual smooth style. Each side is a rack king size bed or chair. Most of the walls painted white, but in this room one of the walls were painted red to look more vibrant and interesting. The lighting design is also calculated so that the atmosphere of the room is always bright. via

August 22, 2011

Unique Mix Modern and Traditional Style for Modern Living Room

This is a feature of the design firm called Kristen Panicth. They focus on classic designs combined with modern designs. The purpose of this merger is to create homes that reflect the changing lifestyles of its customers. Here are some of the projects they have done. When you think the current design is very boring, suddenly add some details that make it unusual. The walls are painted and given a beautiful flower motif make room on this one looks more colorful and interesting. The interior is originally a traditional look, thanks to a touch of his hands in a modern interior. via

Fabulous Penthouse Interior by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces

Mark Tracy designed a project using the best materials and try to create a pleasant interior, colorful, modern and luxurious penthouse of a downtown Las Vegas. Glass mosaic floor width and then the walls and ceilings are made with blue color scheme with embedded images and limited by the glass cover plate. Gray color palette of light blue and green accents of 120 meters of RGB LED. The master bedroom shows off a high bed of 13 porcelain tiles from Italy is complete with a beautiful chandelier. Also had a curtain hanging chain with the signature Shepard Fairey, which separates the bedrooms and main bathroom. Main Part party is the crown of life with a kind of mirror ceiling mirrors, triangular, each separated by a glass ceiling beams. This room also features a beautiful custom carpets HZL HenzeL metallic white wood. via

Spacious Apartment Interior Design

You think living in apartment an area of 30 square meters is very difficult. But it feels when you live in an apartment with an interior that are specifically designed to make you feel comfortable. This apartment has a bedroom, living room and dining room are very simple, but has the comfort of their dreams. Not only that, there is also a balcony with table lamps and comfortable chairs and beautiful. Without a separation wall make this apartment more flexible and comprehensive. There is a box on the shelf and rack tops help keep order. Many things in this apartment has a dual role and really helps you live comfortably in a very small apartment. via

Comfortable Lounge Chairs Work of Kate McCreary

This is a incredible work. Designed by Kate McCreary, this unique chair called "The Lounge Nouveau" and displayed in New York, 2011. Designed with a simple, but it still looks luxurious. The materials used in manufacturing is the gray wool fabrics from Italy together with a sturdy steel frame crafted. This chair is perfect for relaxation. Due to the specification of the materials used to make this chair very comfortable. via

August 03, 2011

Ordinary Richmond House by Michael Morris

This house was built for the challenge. Michael Morris responded to this challenge by adopting environmental best practice and celebrate the location of the internal tension of the eclectic city. In the front is a facade to provide protected entry and that the views of the picturesque Victorian house. House in a simple but elegant, which is reinforced by the structure of the slabs of concrete, rusted Corten steel, wood, rubber straps do lolgam alucobond perforated metal mesh. Pallets of fine material was deliberately chosen outside and depend on the stratification and transparency to create beauty in the house. Also out are also other internal parts that can add a touch of luxury, but it always seems simple. Spacious veranda, kitchen and generous living space harmonic, outdoor and large patio more comfortable at home to reinforce this impression. The architect created a home with an indoor pool and private, quiet and visually appealing. via