June 08, 2011

The Old House was Transformed Into New by Schneider and Jean Larrette Design Associates

The location of a beautiful home in the St. Helena, California, formerly was not too good. But thanks to a touch of the collaboration of two famous architects of Schneider and Jean Larrette Design Associates Interior Design. All rooms in this house is fully renovated. Some of the renovated rooms include: living room, dining room, bedroom, pool and bathroom and kitchen. In the living room there are two sets of elegant modern sofas Senakin make this room look more luxurious. In the kitchen and the bathroom is dominated by bright colors patterned walls, making a comfortable impression. Most furniur used in this house made ​​of solid wood. via

Nice Conversion Bed to Toddler by Kalon

Changes in adult beds into toddler beds are very rare. But the Kalon make the change to be more efficient. With a rounded edge design, we need not worry our children will get hurt. With the wet paint and non-toxic wood look of this bed looks exciting. In addition to interesting special toddler bed is also good for their health. via

"Fincube" Homes without Insulation and Sustainable

Homes with this unique design attract much attention. With a relatively narrow room the designer can change the room into a home. It poses the living room, kitchen and sleeping are applying. Bedrooms are designed with a very comfortable position. Then the kitchen and living room designed by furniture made ​​of wood. via

June 03, 2011

Creative Wall Interior with 3D Wall Art

An innovation appears to beautify your walls, "3D Wall Art" name. The addition of these 3D panels to create a strong aesthetic effect. With an environmentally friendly procedure for this panel is made from the fibrous residue. In addition, materials from the 3D panels are environmentally friendly so it will not cause damage to the environment. With a variety of designs so the look of your house walls will be more attractive and beautiful. via

Multifunction Bathroom Furniture by Sieger Design

Multifunction Bathroom designed by Sieger Design. This bathroom was made with the concept of "Be Your Self". Shape is very unique. Above there is also a useful sink for washing hands. But it can also be split between them, own bathroom and the sink itself. And guaranteed you will really feel ownership. via