May 04, 2011

Tumbler House Planned by David Thompson and Kevin Southerland

Tumbler House situated in Hollywood Hills and planned by David Thompson and Kevin Southerland of L.A.based Assembledge studio. This house has two stage, the first stage featured living room, dinning room, and kitchen. In the dining room there is a set of contemporary dining table made ​​of wood. In adding to the dinner table there is a contemporary kitchen complete with microwave. In here the bedroom placed in second stage. Bedrooms are designed as relaxed as probable with a straight view of the natural world. via

Exclusive Residence from Container by Debbie Glassberg

Residence plan this one is extremely exclusive. Ordinary houses made ​​of brick or wood, but the house this one are from the waste container wagon. Maybe from the outside this residence looks normal. But if you've seen it you'll be shocked. Just living room you've found a lavish feeling. Then the dining room was planned as unique as likely, consist of one table and eight chairs made ​​of wood. There is also a dissimilar impression in the bathroom. The bathroom is made visible as fancy as possible with a bright blue partition color. Section was made in the master bedroom is a vivid red color with painted mattress in accordance with partition cover. via