March 23, 2011

USD Offices by Torafu Architects

This project consists of interior design for UDS sucurusal in Shanghai and will be the starting point for business in China. The owners have asked a workspace for business partners in Japan, in addition to regular conference rooms. In addition, he demanded that the conference rooms and work space are free of noise from other rooms, and can not see a piece of one another. If the spaces were divided into panels of translucent glass, the 86 m2 of space available could be very close, it is suggested to use a transparent glass mirror with different patterns of bands of mirrors. So, looking through these screens, you can see sections of sight to another room and reflection sections from the same place you are looking for alternatives in the same plane. In addition, the rear surfaces of the mirrors are painted the same white color as the walls, creating an effect that can see people in the conference room through the glass, but from a pattern of white stripes. - via -

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Emily Parker said...

What glass manufacturer did you use? I Love those glass panels! (& I am searching for a project.)

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