March 23, 2011

Local Order of Business for architects by Bmé6sR29 Architects

The space available for interior renovation project is a rectangle of 20 m 8 m roughly into three areas on the facade and several internal units occupy the central space allocated. The new requirements for future use as an office for architecture suggest the need for a large work space for several tables, conference room, office, waiting room, office, bathroom and reception. Given the proportions and characteristics of the room, with openings on both sides of 8 meters, is to be filled primarily on the front with the work and meeting rooms, the concentration of clustered to other service areas in the central zone. In order to structure to these terms of organization, we propose that a central body that apart folded by a white skin, which includes the services of the office in orange boxes that generated by its strategic location reception areas and waiting rooms generate an educated simple Statement opens by two opposing camps. - via -

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