March 04, 2011

Lift Design by Apollo Architects and Associates

Apollo architects and associates has finished 'lift', a single family home located in the residential district of downtown sendai, japan. Characterized by seamless arithmetical volumes and tightly packed facade, the design features a protruding higher floor and a plan that centers around an internal courtyard. Conceived as a single, incessant space overflowing with natural light, the second floor - housing the main living spaces - provides unhindered sight-lines that open on to a private terrace. Located between the front frontage and the residence, the deck creates a transitional atmosphere between the two environments. Dark louvers on the slanted facade act as a shield to the residence, given that views outwards but not in. Light and cross aeration that filter through the wooden slats penetrate the home, plummeting the amount of windows required on walls that face neighboring structure. - via -

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