March 03, 2011

Kamil Mrva Architecture Design of AUX Studio in Kojetín

This AUX Studio completed of old shed and than renovate to be a modern architecture studio named AUX situated at Kojetín, Czech Republic. An Architect purpose to make an old barn as small family house in the future. Arrangement of this house made from firm sandstone walls and pillars from 1862 have been potted. This inner wooden building opens to the south and west with glass walls. A distinct element of the work of art is a terrace projecting out over the sloping terrain of the garden. A studio architecture design consist of a kitchenette, sitting room and place for sleeping and working. A kitchen, dining room, sitting room with a study and a bedroom with a bathroom are designed in the living space. On the terrace there is a covered space for sitting in the summer and a sunny plank projecting outward.The project was designed using natural resources. The terrace consists of steel girders and a made of wood deck. - via -

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