March 04, 2011

Bioclimatic Infiniski Manifesto House Design by James & Mau Architecture

Located in Curacaví, Chile, this totally sustainable house uses up to 85% of recycled, reused and eco-friendly resources both at the exterior and interior. The use of second hand cellulose and cork for insulation, recycled aluminum, iron and wood, noble wood coming from sustainable forests, ecological picture, and eco-label ceramics has resulted in a bioclimatic design with alternative energy systems installation, giving the Infiniski Manifesto house 70% autonomy. James & Mau Architecture built this green residential building for Infiniski, a construction company that specializes in building eco-friendly houses and buildings based on the use of recycled, reused and non polluting resources. Therefore, the Manifesto house very much represents the Infiniski concept and its potential: bioclimatic design, recycled, reused materials, non polluting constructive systems, integration of renewable energy. - via -

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