March 27, 2011

Family Retreat in Brisbane

Family Retreat is located in the Brisbane area. This home design is very unique because the swimming pool area is made higher than the backyard. Other than that with a very cool environmental conditions will make the occupants of this house comfortable for long enjoyed a beautiful natural atmosphere. Conditions in the home to the Family Retreat is designed more elegantly with a white highlight on each corner of the room is. - via -


March 23, 2011

Pull House Design by Taylor and Miller

Band begins in the western Massachusetts resident with a typology of the existing farmhouse. Formally, this typology cut and moved to a loft above the first floor to make go. The resulting amount of attic below this is a hollow, semi-private seating area. The distinction between public and private spaces in the house is to do with organic surfaces with two separate living and dining room done, and gradually taper back together privately in the hallway access to the rooms to create more. The whole house is on the principles of sustainable housing, environmentally friendly, built with glass, recycled or sustainable materials finishing and energy-efficient lighting. - via -

Local Order of Business for architects by Bmé6sR29 Architects

The space available for interior renovation project is a rectangle of 20 m 8 m roughly into three areas on the facade and several internal units occupy the central space allocated. The new requirements for future use as an office for architecture suggest the need for a large work space for several tables, conference room, office, waiting room, office, bathroom and reception. Given the proportions and characteristics of the room, with openings on both sides of 8 meters, is to be filled primarily on the front with the work and meeting rooms, the concentration of clustered to other service areas in the central zone. In order to structure to these terms of organization, we propose that a central body that apart folded by a white skin, which includes the services of the office in orange boxes that generated by its strategic location reception areas and waiting rooms generate an educated simple Statement opens by two opposing camps. - via -

USD Offices by Torafu Architects

This project consists of interior design for UDS sucurusal in Shanghai and will be the starting point for business in China. The owners have asked a workspace for business partners in Japan, in addition to regular conference rooms. In addition, he demanded that the conference rooms and work space are free of noise from other rooms, and can not see a piece of one another. If the spaces were divided into panels of translucent glass, the 86 m2 of space available could be very close, it is suggested to use a transparent glass mirror with different patterns of bands of mirrors. So, looking through these screens, you can see sections of sight to another room and reflection sections from the same place you are looking for alternatives in the same plane. In addition, the rear surfaces of the mirrors are painted the same white color as the walls, creating an effect that can see people in the conference room through the glass, but from a pattern of white stripes. - via -

Interior Construction at Hotel Gansevoort South

The interior is a construction project at the Hotel Gansevoort South in Miami. The draft aims to emphasize the proportions of the room by the coexistence of two different volumes. The room is full length on the mezzanine level tablet, shared service areas, and a double height volume is defined by a wall of metal coffee cans. This strategy generates more square feet available, and emphasize the most important condition of the wall, with side lighting, diffuse and artificial. - via -

Red House Design by JVA Architecture

The Red House is located on the western outskirts of Oslo. The land the house is an old garden full of trees on the banks of a river, the new building is perpendicular to the river is increasing the dramatic possibilities of their own and do not obstruct the view of the house behind it. The house is arranged over two floors. The public spaces are located on the top floor, facing south and the views, topping in a covered terrace, through the trees. The ground floor contains the nursery, the valley in the north under the trees face. This dual approach is based on dynamic architecture and design of this project is aimed at improving the spatial system. - via -

March 22, 2011

At Home in Leiria and Air Mateus Architecture

The site is located on the edge of Leiria. The functionality of this house is very traditional and is divided into rooms or private rooms and a social space or common areas. Deprived areas were below ground level around a central empty rooms with private patios to the status of privacy to improve. Collective spaces are located around the central atrium, which provides the central light and provides views of downtown. The work formally represents the epitome of home, with the particularity that the center is opened to make way for a large three-story central courtyard. - via -

March 06, 2011

Origami Design by REC Architecture

This project was undertaken to result in a showroom so that issues such as views and exposure are design factors that prevail in form. Given the prevailing climate issues in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos, was proposed a playful geometric pattern that, following contemporary forms that integrate with a composition consistent with prevailing climatic aspects of where the project would be located.

In this way the design evolves unfolding on each other to create a clean, relegating the role of the scale, highlighting the visual changes and causing the viewer to re-create the inevitable game of metamorphosis leading constructive element: a tense-structure that prolonged (as an exercise in origami) to respond to the solar incidence is presented on the site, also allowing cross ventilation. - via -

Heladera Montevideo Design by Dovat & Associates. Architects

Zonamerica (Business and Technology Park) has a large percentage of green and recreational spaces offered to the 8000 people working in office buildings. But I needed to create a physical space that may vary in size and content to offer services or small-scale businesses to respond to growing consumer demand for spaces, which in turn could be located so free in public squares and gardens. The Gelato is the first realization of a prototype designed to be repeated in several private spaces for public use Zonamerica and whose use may change. - via -