December 25, 2010

Make Small Apartment with Garage Renovation

Have an old garage that sometime seem waste of precious space in your house is not always necessary. Garage that is renovated in to a comfortable living space. All of home function all filled in the garage. You may not distinguish the garage anymore, because this room is already designed to make a contemporary living space. Just like having small apartment in your own house. The project is taking The 320-square-foot garage. This home renovation from SHED Architecture & Design is show us an example of it. - via -

Za Bor Architects Yekaterinburg Yandex Office

Positioned in Yekaterinburg, Russia, Yandex Office holds the fifteenth floor of a new business called Palladium. The floor of the building is bent like a horseshoe and accordingly, the offices are intense around the vertical circulation systems located in the center. Due to the Yandez office culture, the design is not limited to traditional areas of work. The conference rooms large and small, are accompanied by a sports area, a kitchen, coffee stations, and “cells” of media cameras. All selected spaces give to the hallway, separated by partitions. The resources of wood and cork were specially chosen as the walls of thin profiles into the aisles. From the corridor low ceiling have become more illustration as well. - via -


The main floor is made up of three distinct interior spaces, yet the open plan creates the feeling of airy spaciousness. With an interior area of just 2,250 square feet, Concept House A has the feeling of an expansive home. Generous covered outdoor areas and full height operable glass doors create a seamless experience from inside to out, allowing cross ventilation of every room and shade from the hot summer sun.
Depending on the prospective site, the design might be constructed out of engineered lumber, steel frame, or poured concreete. Exact wall finishes would be chosen from locally accessible resources. - via -

Spectacular Architecture Design Luxury Getaway Villa Caribbean

Modern Gateway Villa architecture design ideas can be perfect motivation to twisted luxury private beach house or home vacation. We accessible in this 15 sample design pictures gallery for NewHouseOfArt.Com reader. Called “Casa Kimbal” located in Caribbean, this can be great whenever you looking for swish and serene place. Designed by Rangr Studio famous New York (United States) based Architecture Company, these modern lifestyle villas interior and exterior decorating themes are super-grand, with ocean front countryside and coco palms and pristine sands nearby the building. Imagine having a comfort real estate that boasts of a 156ft/47mt long outdoor swimming pool. - via -

December 24, 2010

Saunders Architecture "The Fogo Long Studio"

These project are part of a plan to promote the arts emerged in 2010, which have in ordinary to be small and built structure in remote parts of the island.

The Long Fogo Studio has 120 m2 and its concept responds to environment stations. This study is distributed horizontal and linear form three distinct spaces. The open, but covered represents spring. The central part that gives more exposed and is open primarily to maximize daylight temperatures and summer. The final and main part of this structure is completely covered to defend users, however, holding some views that connect at all times in the spaces with the countryside. - via -

Public School Votorantim

In this plan, located in the outside edge, the architects were able to test within the city of Sao Paulo space profession strategies and organization more typical of the edging of the city and open the building to the landscape.

The school is located around an axis at right angles to the street and the main program was divided into two articulated by a ramp. Designed space creates a visual tour: the ramps can be watching the landscape, facing the valley.
Sports block is on the lower level and the training package provides a higher level. Wood panels, as a blind, protect the school against the sun and rain, and also give a more friendly face to the building stiffness of precast fundamentals. - via -

Veer Towers Designed is a Building Functional and Systematic.

Murphy Jahn approached the Veer Towers designed with the intention of displaying the urban accountability, paying particular attention to performance in terms of building functional and systematic.

The biggest challenge was to make the project formed part of Las Vegas, but also to give their buildings and spaces with a strong identity and unique.
The design solution seeks simplicity and dynamism, which reinforces the symbolic nature of the complex. The idea was to establish a functional way to define a unique, derived from a rational periodic tenancy.
The cores of the towers and lobbies are planned on the basis of sales, while residential uses on her float. The use of natural lighting and ventilation is maximized throughout the building.

- via -

Managerial Office with Geometries of Crystals

This ornaments is designed for the sale of valuable stones, and to house managerial offices. The building consists of programs and geometries of crystals.

A series of design processes then issued the pliability of the facades. Our inference came from the rough crystal and its attributes highly cracked. - via -