November 21, 2010

Private Office Architecture From Sarajevo

House in a changed apartment in the early twentieth century in Sarajevo, the workplace of the architectural "signature" consists of 2 rooms plus a kitchenette and a bathroom.
With 65 m2, the main purpose is based on the idea of create a bright and "optimistic", using white thoughtful surfaces and mirrors.
It enables them to make best use of natural light and intensify the space visually. -via-

Williams Studio in the Stony Lagoon

The learn of a photographer on a shed in the Stony Lagoon is a re-imagining of the prototype of the glass house in the Canadian Shield. A prolongation of the idea on the architectural dream, allowing the middle concept of the house is re-conceived through a up to date lens of sustainability, program, field and calm.

The appealing qualities of simple, open spaces, plus the external and core unity, and clarity of the supplies are completely transformed to improve environmental performance and building program, creating iconic resonance architecture and a context-driven design original. -via-

November 02, 2010

Craig Steely Design Little Cottage with Large Deck

Selection of Hawaiian islands because the island has a performance similar to a small cottage style. This is the design which has been produced by the brilliant person in this field named Craig Steely. It is having a natural and organic originality. The roofed deck which is large enough is a very good option to enjoy the great scenic outdoors. It is facing the ocean and it adds to the good looks. It is an addition that can be used irrespective of the weather condition. The inside design consists of walls and ceilings designed from natural wood. The bath room is well prepared and at the centre of it there is a deluge tub too. -via-