October 26, 2010

Its Design After You Finish Appreciative Wave Door Welcome You

Unexciting doors? No, thank you, I'll get for myself a door with individuality, a door that will motivate my guests, a door that will also give satisfactory safety. The Wave Door. All right, I'm not leaving to change my door right now, when frost is coming but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it too. The Wave Door is absolutely a curious door design, but one that will work in your favor as it will surely impress your guests that will linger on at the entrance to admire it. The Wave Door is 17-feet tall and 5.5-feet wide but that's not the inspiring part. What's inspiring is that the door is made out of 40 sections of Burmese teak and each of them can move around. Hence, when opening it you get a Wave Door that absolutely pleases the eye of the guest. -via -

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